Florida isn't exactly known for its freezing winters and heaps of snow. As far as winter's go, Florida enjoys one of the country's mildest. Even with that being true, however, there are still some things you should do to make sure your car runs its best during the winter season.

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Service Tips to Prepare for the Florida Winter

  • Get a General Inspection. Temperatures might not drop below zero the way they do up north, but you'll still likely experience a dip toward the cold in the coming months. Lower temperatures can put just as much as stress on your car as high ones. A general inspection can help to root out any issues hiding under the hood before they can grow worse.
  • Get an Oil Change. Not all oil is created equal, and it doesn’t all work identically either. The oil you put in your car during the hot days of summer will often be too thick to work its best during the cooler winter. Seek out an oil change and make sure your car has the proper lubrication it needs.
  • Repair any Broken Headlights. You might be able to squeak by with one headlight during the longer days of spring and summer. When the days grow short in winter, however, that will change. You'll need functioning headlights to make sure you can see and that people can see you.

Set Up Your Seasonal Service Visit at Bert Smith Subaru Today

If you're ready to arrange for your winter vehicle service, give the service center at Bert Smith Subaru a call. Our expert service team has the tools and expertise to make sure your vehicle is ready to take on anything the season decides to throw at you.

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