For drivers wanting a vehicle that can tackle a variety of surface conditions while still providing plenty of comfort and the latest technology features, Subaru offers a range of vehicles ready to fit the bill for drivers around Tampa and Clearwater.

All Subaru vehicles except for the BRZ Coupe come with all-wheel drive as a standard feature, ensuring a smooth and stable ride whether encountering summer rainstorms or winter snow. Sturdy construction and reliable performance are two hallmarks of the brand, supported by the fact that more than 90 percent of Subaru vehicles can still be found on the road a decade after their debut.

Part of the legendary owner satisfaction in Subaru comes from the impressive safety record. The manufacturer regularly scores high on safety board evaluations for both its engineering and its safety technology. Integrating driver assistance features into its package of technology options gives drivers more convenience behind the wheel while reducing the incidence of accidents.

Bradenton FL drivers also place a great deal of trust in the Subaru brand, a designation it has cultivated for decades by producing a solid and reliable vehicle that offers plenty of bang for each dollar spent. Cabins fitted with comfort features expected of luxury cars allow Subaru drivers to stretch out and enjoy even long journeys. Integrating the latest in infotainment technology makes each minute spent behind the wheel more enjoyable. Subarus also benefit from their strong exterior design features that make them instantly recognizable.

For price, value, engineering, safety and comfort, it's hard to beat the Subaru brand. If you're looking for an SUV or crossover vehicle, you may find that a Subaru offers you everything you're asking for in a vehicle, while also offering a bevy of impressive extras. Visit Bert Smith Subaru in St. Petersburg FL today for an up-close look at this extraordinary vehicle brand, and we'll arrange for you to have some time behind the wheel so you can experience its many features for yourself.

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