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Bert Smith Subaru is an excellent choice for buying quality Subaru auto parts in St Petersburg. Our Subaru car parts experts have been trained to professionally assist you in finding everything you need for your vehicle. Our parts department can help determine the exact Subaru part that your car, truck, or SUV requires.  The Bert Smith Subaru parts department has a high first-fill rate so your downtime will be minimized. Not only will you be able to find the right part, you'll also get it quickly.

If you don't have time to stop by our St Petersburg Subaru dealership and you know the part you need, simply fill out the form to the left and we'll be in contact with you shortly, or call (888) 421-7189

When It Comes to Genuine Subaru Auto Parts, More Gulf Coast DIYers Prefer Bert Smith Subaru

We think you'll agree: every do-it-yourself car repair job or customization project should go off without a hitch. When it comes to your new Subaru, having the know-how is key, to be sure. So are the right car parts for the job, authentically Subaru and fitting your vehicle down to the nuts and bolts. That's where our parts center here in Saint Petersburg comes in. For years, we've been assisting drivers from our neck of the Florida woods to find not just what they need, but that of the highest quality. It's as easy as letting us know what you're looking via our parts request form. We'll track your components and Subaru accessories down post haste from the extensive stock of what we have, or put in a special order for you for what we may not. Not sure what'll suit your needs? Give us a call, send us a contact inquiry, or stop in and talk shop -- you're more than welcome. In the meantime, get a feel for the common Subaru parts most drivers need, which we're proud to offer here on-site.

  • Engine oil and oil filters. Motor oil lubricates your engine's moving parts, while an oil filter captures harmful contaminants and releases cleaner oil back into the system. This does everything from help reduce wear and neutralize byproducts to improve piston ring seals and dissipate heat. Change both regularly for an engine that both works properly for the St. Pete's drive and lasts.
  • Radiators. These metal-finned components reduce oil temperature to cool your engine block and help prevent overheats. If overheating's a continuous problem, yours, perhaps in need of repair or replacement, is just one of several potential causes.
  • Brakes. Your brake system's high-friction pads apply the necessary pressure for reliable stopping power, assisted by discs, drums, and rotors. Over time, each wears, especially in our perennially hot Florida weather. Hear squeaking, a crunch, or whining? These are often telltale signs you need to change your brakes.
  • Head gaskets. These are seals found between your SUBARU BOXER engine block and its cylinder head. Their job is to keep coolant and oil from mixing between the two and negatively affecting the combustion process. Checking for a proper seal or cracks on your own isn't easy without the proper knowledge, so this is often a job for an expert auto repair specialist.
  • Knock sensors. These are monitors on your intake manifold, cylinder, or the engine block itself. They actively watch engine firing. If they sense a problem, they inform your car or SUV's computer. Trouble accelerating? Did your Check Engine light turn on? If not a misfire, a sensor could be the problem.
  • Batteries. These rechargeable electrical energy sources start your engine, then use your alternator to deliver power to other systems. Persistent "turning over" or difficulty starting up might mean your battery needs a change.
  • Head and tail lights. Over time, your visibility can diminish as these fog over, turn yellowish, or otherwise collect the debris of our diverse Sunshine State country. Is a regular cleaning not taking care of it anymore? It's probably a good idea to replace each.
  • Windshield wiper blades. When contact with your windshield becomes intermittent, noise becomes excessive, or you experience skips, smears, or streaking, and especially every six to twelve months, changing these for a new set will be your best bet.
  • Air filters. There's for your engine and one for the interior. Both help capture detritus as it enters -- the former, your powertrain, and the latter, your heating and AC vents. If they're brittle, discolored, or clogged, a change might be in order.
  • Timing belts. A thick toothed belt held tight by a tensioner, this connects camshaft and crankshaft timing gears, keeping both working in concert, and also turns a water pump gear. The result? A smooth-running engine. Forgoing maintenance can lead to its failure, which can mean a stall, mechanical damage, or outright engine failure. Is your Subaru near 60,000 miles, or between this and 105,000 miles? Are you experiencing these symptoms? Take off your timing belt inspection cover and look at the belt's condition. If it's short a few teeth or broken, replace it as soon as possible.
  • Serpentine belts. These run between your alternator, fan, and a few other components, driving numerous components. If yours is loose, deteriorated, broken, missing a piece or two, or causing squealing, change it for a new one.
  • Transmission parts. Shifting gears transfers engine power to your driveshaft and wheels. A failing or failed transmission makes this impossible, and makes for a vehicle stuck in a driveway or the service lane. Luckily, we stock these parts in abundance, from torque converters and valve bodies to pumps and planetary gear sets to everything in between.

Own A Subaru? Here's Why You Should Buy Parts From Us


One of the underrated aspects of servicing a car is making sure you have the right parts. We sometimes take for granted how much better things operate with the correct fitting pieces, often neglecting the vital importance of everything working together in harmony. Nothing can throw off the rhythm of a well-oiled machine like the wrong piece. Here at Bert Smith Subaru, our dealership's parts department is committed to making life easier by being a comprehensive, genuine parts resource.


Q: Why Buy Parts From Us?


A: We have your properly fitting pieces and the ability to order anything your Subaru Crosstrek or Subaru Outback may need. The right fitting battery, spark plugs, gas caps, and windshield wipers are all easily accessible from our dealership. If not, we can order factory direct in no time.


Q: What Type Of Parts Do We Have?


A: We have everything that could fit your vehicle. From internal accessories like Subaru specific all weather mats, exterior pieces such as roof racks, to under the hood wiring. Prominent pieces include:

  • Oil and Oil Filters
  • Brakes
  • Radiators
  • Head Gaskets
  • Head and Tail Lights
  • Wiper Blades
  • Knock Sensors
  • Timing Belts
  • Transmission Parts
  • Serpentine Belts
  • And Much More!

Q: Do We Have Parts Specials?


A: We have a variety of specials to help you save on parts.


We know our parts department provides the excellent pieces to make your vehicle run at the optimal shape. Here at Bert Smith Subaru, we do our best to deliver the essential automotive services; at your leisure, schedule service with us whenever you are ready.

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