Learn More About the Various Services Offered by Our Team of Trained Subaru Technicians Here in St. Petersburg, FL

Whether it's a quick fix or more complex car repair, you can rely on the certified technicians that call our Subaru service center here in Saint Petersburg, FL home to do the job properly the first time. Rigorous training, years of experience in the industry, the latest auto service tools, and a dedication to results that best the rest -- all come together here on 38th Ave North with distinction.

So, what car service or repair will make the grade for you? Discover but a few of the many kinds of maintenance of which our expert team is capable, take a few notes on any concerns you've got, then be sure to bring your ride by for a service visit. We'll get to work diagnosing and repairing the problem post haste, putting you back on the road in no time for the many miles to come!

  • Oil changes. Motor oil lubricates the many moving parts of your engine, keeping friction to a minimum and thus helping to prevent overheating. It wears out and breaks down over time, so making oil changes a part of your car care routine is vital to keeping your powertrain up to performance spec.
  • Brake repairs. The go-to for reliable stopping power, brakes -- especially pads -- will wear eventually, and abnormal noise when braking is a telltale sign. Have your brake system's pads, discs, drums, and rotors periodically inspected, and changed if needed, to keep them from putting a halt to that upcoming day trip over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
  • Tire repair or replacement. Making sure your wheels are turning the way Subaru intended is one of the most important things you can do for a car. If your treads are worn and torn, you're having trouble maintaining pressure, or your angles are just "off" when you round a corner, we're here to help. We do tire installations, rotations to keep wear even and extend the life of your tires, wheel alignments to keep you straight, and we can even put on a quartet of season-specific tires if you'd prefer.
  • Battery inspections. It's a worst-case scenario for any driver, and often without warning: you've got to head over to Tampa for work or an important meeting on a Monday morning, and your battery's dead. Not to worry. We can help you avoid this situation before it happens.
  • Ignition system repairs. Much like a battery that needs a change, a failing ignition can leave you stuck in your driveway or a parking lot up in Clearwater. But the fix is easy if you or we can identify the problem ahead of time.
  • Coolant system flushes. With enough traveled miles, antifreeze solutions weaken, and that can compromise cooling your engine. Draining and refilling the fluid can get rid of built-up contaminants, putting you, and a happy engine, back behind the wheel in a snap.
  • Electrical system upkeep. Issues with failed headlights, fizzled light bulbs, or a blown fuse are one thing. Problems with everything from audio, your power generator, and power windows to your defroster, air conditioning, electric power steering, and even your windshield wipers can indicate something more. Visit our Subaru dealership, and we'll help take charge of the situation.
  • Air Conditioning repair. Your AC system might be sealed, but significant vibration, often the result of normal driving, can cause the occasional leak, and this is where things get complicated. We'll help put any cooling problems on ice.
  • Fuel system service. If you drive long distances regularly as we all do, you'll eventually need a fuel pump and filter replacement. It's quick, it's easy, and we can take care of it for you, no sweat.
  • Exhaust system service. A muffler change, swapping a catalytic converter, replacing other exhaust components - after enough time, these become important, especially when you notice offensive exhaust fumes and excessive noise. This suggests a faulty exhaust and just such a service need, and for us, addressing the problem is no issue.
  • Transmission repair. If you're behind the wheel and your transmission -- the system that relays power and shifts gears -- fails, driving becomes dangerous. We can inspect and, if needed, repair or replace your transmission here, keeping you safe down your many roads.
  • And many, many more!

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